Our Clients Agree: We Deliver the Best Defense for Traffic Offenses

I am really proud of the work done by Mr. Hicks. I would highly recommend him.

John S.
Central Virginia Native

“On a night, where I made the worst, innocent mistake of my life, I called JEH for help. I actually picked my wife up from a ladies’ night out, to make sure that she had a safe way home; but, it was after I had a couple of beers. Then, I got pulled over, and I was arrested for DUI. JEH understood the facts of my case and the impact a DUI conviction would have on me and my family. With his persistence and hard work, JEH put together the information that helped convince the Court to accept reducing the charge and the punishment significantly, which in turn helped me deal with the situation much better than I could have without him.”

George D.

“When we contacted JEH, my wife and I were in a bind, but, we had no idea to what extent. S. had been charged with speeding, 44 mph/25 mph zone. She was already given a break; because, the deputy had chosen not to write her for also being in a restricted school zone. Our biggest problem, we thought, was our unavailability for the court date, which is what we thought JEH would be most helpful with for us. Then, he and his firm got involved and did much more. First, we didn’t have to worry about going to court; then, JEH helped find a way for S. to have her charge dismissed. We felt represented, like a friend, more than a client. His local knowledge and strategy clearly worked to get my wife’s case dismissed.”

Col. A. K.
Air National Guard

“Without having to step into court a single time, JEH handled my case beginning in the General District Court, where I was not able to get my desired result, and up to the Circuit Court on appeal, for a reasonable fee, where he continued to work my case, until I got the best result I could possibly hope for in my case, on an allegation I was found guilty of committing General District Court. JEH professionally and conveniently made the difference in my successful result.”

Nathan S.
General Manager
National Car Dealership

“I was involved in an accident, with unusual circumstances, but it was not my fault. The trooper didn’t see it my way, and I received a reckless driving ticket. I couldn’t believe it. Upset about the ticket and nervous about court, JEH answered my call. In front of the judge, JEH took control of the case and put me at ease. In the end, JEH presented exactly what the judge wanted to hear, like he had been there before, and the case was dismissed. Justice after all.”

Glen. L.
Mortgage Corporation Manager

“Two years ago I was involved in a couple of minor traffic offenses. After not taking care of (forgetting) about my fines and costs from the first accident, I found myself with a ‘driving on a suspended license’ charge after the second accident. I had no idea where to start. A good friend told me about a friend of his, here, in the Fredericksburg area, an attorney at Jarrell, Hicks, and Waldman, and I called him. I was set up with an easy telephone conversation with JEH. We set up a time to talk about the case, and he told me about the law and told me what I could expect, both best and worst. He listened to my issues and cared about the outcomes. From day one, JEH showed a lot of honor and respect to me, which continued throughout the court proceedings, and beyond. I am very happy with the outcome and I picked up a friend along the way. We now keep in touch from time to time, and I know that’s very rare when you seek representation. I strongly recommend Jarrell, Hicks, and Waldman and JEH. My appreciation goes out to JEH for a job well done.”

Guy S.
Head Chef

“After being questionably charged with running a red light, JEH went to Court and against the officer for me. The Judge ultimately chose the officer’s version of the ticket over mine, but, he had to earn it, as JEH asked questions I wouldn’t have thought of, especially right there in front of the Judge and the courtroom full of people. Then, JEH spoke to the Court about what should be done with my case. His strategy gave me the chance to have my case dismissed. All I could have hoped for in my situation.”

Major S. H.
Air Force

“I will never forget what you did for me. You delivered nothing short of a miracle for me. Thank you.”

Quincy T.