Q: My teenage son had his driver's license suspended after being convicted of marijuana possession. What does one thing have to do with the other?

A: It's the kind of thing you wouldn't necessarily know unless it happened to you, but if you have multiple convictions in Virginia for drug offenses, including simple possession, the state has the power to suspend your driver's license. What catches people unaware is that a teenage driver (or an adult, for that matter) can have his license suspended even if none of his drug-possession convictions in Virginia involved a motor vehicle. So, if your son has had the bad luck of being caught in the park smoking a joint not once, but twice, you may be chauffeuring him around for the next year or so.

A conviction for drug possession won't necessarily result in the suspension of your license. That's at the discretion of the judge and district attorney, usually in consultation with your defense lawyer. However, if you're a juvenile driver who has been convicted of DUID in Virginia, or driving while under the influence of drugs, the penalties will be pretty much the same as for a first-time DUI conviction that involves only alcohol. A suspension, or revocation, of your license will be a near certainty, unless you can demonstrate to the judge that you absolutely need to drive to work or attend school.

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