Q: After my teenage daughter swerved off the road as the result of a fender-bender, she was cited by the police for failure to maintain control of her car. Why?

A: Especially when a teenage driver is involved, Virginia police will often operate under the presumption that she was somehow responsible for a car accident—perhaps not totally at fault, but at least that she contributed to the outcome in some way. In the case of your daughter, a police officer who witnessed the accident, or who arrived at the scene afterward and obtained testimony from the drivers involved, felt there was sufficient cause to ticket your daughter for failing to maintain control of her vehicle, a “catch-all” charge that isn't quite as serious as speeding but that still carries some significant penalties.

In many cases, parents have to accept the fact that their children are at least partly to blame for road accidents—and an experienced Virginia traffic lawyer can help ensure that a “failure to maintain control” citation isn't punished over-harshly. However, if your daughter can make a convincing case that she was in no way responsible for the fender-bender, and that she ran off the road as a result of the accident, her testimony (and any accompanying evidence) may be enough to clear her of a “failure to maintain control” charge in Virginia. For instance, she will have to convince the judge that she was not speeding, that she had signaled properly, and that she had kept the proper distance between her car and the car in front, among other things.

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