Teach Your Child How to Behave in VA Juvenile Traffic Court

Virginia Traffic Attorney

When your child is required to make an appearance in juvenile traffic court, it can be an extremely nerve wracking time. Hiring an experienced Virginia juvenile traffic violations lawyer is the first step toward peace of mind, but some of it is also up to your child. How they behave in court can play a part in how well the judge receives them and their case. Speak with your child about how they are expected to present themselves in the courtroom - it can make a big difference. Many of these are basic rules for using good manners, but if a child is upset or under a lot of stress, they may unintentionally act out in court.

  • Dress respectfully. No jeans, sneakers, or t-shirts. They should dress like they are going to an important interview.
  • Stand up and sit up straight. Teenagers are notorious for hunching over or slouching, but it looks incredibly disrespectful in court.
  • Speak loudly and clearly. The judge doesn't want to have to ask "excuse me?" after your child talks. Their answers should be audible enough and clear enough that everyone knows exactly what they're saying the first time around.
  • Do not yell or curse. Being in court can be very emotional for some children, but you need to speak with them about keeping their emotions in check when they're in front of the judge. Tell them they can yell and scream all they want...after they leave the courthouse.
  • Don't argue with the judge. The judge is not interested in having a debate, so tell your child to let their lawyer handle it.

It is hard for any parent to see their child tried in Virginia juvenile traffic court, but if you speak with them about how to conduct themselves in the courtroom, you will feel better knowing they will be putting their best foot forward. And, of course, if you call Jarrell, Hicks & Waldman, PC to represent your child in court, you will know that their case is in good hands. Call today for a free consultation at 888-783-9701.