Juvenile Drivers in the State of Virginia Can Have Only a Certain Number of Juveniles in Their Vehicles

When a juvenile driver under the age of 18 obtains his Virginia license, he may mistakenly be under the belief that he's allowed to do everything an adult can do, including inviting whomever he pleases to be a passenger in his car. However, in Virginia, drivers under the age of 18 have to obey some very strict passenger restrictions; flouting this rule can result in the revocation of your license until you turn 18.

Virginia's Juvenile Passenger Laws Mainly Apply to Other Juveniles

Since juvenile drivers are inexperienced, one of the worst things they can do is stuff their vehicles with fellow juveniles. Not only does this create an ongoing distraction, but it puts the passengers, as well as the driver, at risk in the event of an accident. The state of Virginia addresses this situation with three separate restrictions:

  1. 16-year-old drivers can only have one passenger under the age of 18, not including family members
  2. 17-year-old drivers can have no more than three passengers under the age of 18, excluding family members
  3. Any driver with a learner's permit (whether a juvenile or an adult) can carry only one passenger under the age of 18, family members excluded.

In practice, what these laws are meant to discourage is inviting six or seven of your high-school friends to jam into your parents' SUV on a Friday night. A few times every year, a tragic accident, in which a van full of teens gets slammed at a busy intersection, or an overloaded SUV attempts to race a railroad train to a crossing and makes national news. The Virginia authorities would like to keep the potential body count as low as possible!

If you are a juvenile driver who was caught flouting underage passenger restrictions, the consequences are fairly minor, at least from an adult perspective: the authorities will revoke your license and give it back to you when you turn 18.

Caught Driving with the Wrong Passengers? You Need to Hire an Experienced Lawyer

If you are a juvenile driver caught with too many underage passengers in your car, you need to hire an experienced lawyer who can nip this situation in the bud and get you back out on the road as soon as possible. Call the law firm of Jarrell, Hicks & Waldman, PC today for a free consultation!