Talking Back to the Police Is an Easy Way for a Juvenile Driver to Incur Additional Charges

Virginia Traffic Attorney

When a police officer in the state of Virginia pulls you over to the side of the road, he has a lot of discretion about how to proceed. He may, after a brief interview, let you off with a warning; he may write you a citation for the traffic offense that he witnessed from his car; or he may choose to cite you for additional violations (say, if he glances into your back seat and sees a pile of empty beer cans). If you're a juvenile driver, the most important thing you can do is to treat the officer with full respect; anything less and you might find yourself in deep trouble.

Virginia Police Don't Like to Be Talked Down to By Teen Drivers

Most teenagers have enough sense not to talk to adults in a position of authority the same way they talk to their parents. Your parents (probably) will continue loving you even if you're disrespectful; the same can't be said of a Virginia police officer who pulls you to the side of the road because one of your brake lights is malfunctioning. Here are some things you should definitely NOT do in this situation:

  • Tell the officer that your father is a powerful public figure, and if he doesn't let you go without a ticket he'll be in big trouble.
  • Foolishly attempt to slip the officer a $20 bill when you hand him your identification. (this will only anger the officer and expose you to an attempted bribery charge)
  • Tell the officer that you don't care what he does; you'll be back out on the road and driving the very next day. (This won't be easy to pull off if you're in jail or your license has been suspended!)
  • Address the officer disrespectfully, which can range from simply not calling him “sir” to making fun of his appearance or the way he talks.
  • Refuse to comply with the officer's requests. If you do not hand over your license and registration when asked, the officer may interpret this as resisting arrest, and your simple traffic violation will escalate into a misdemeanor or even a felony.

Did You Talk Back to an Officer? You'll Need Expert Legal Representation

The worst thing a teenaged driver can do is escalate a simple traffic stop into a situation where an officer cites him for additional violations, or even calls in for backup and has him hauled off to jail. If you are facing serious charges as a result of treating a police officer disrespectfully, call the juvenile traffic lawyers at Jarrell, Hicks & Waldman, PC (888-783-0701) today for a free consultation!