VA Reckless Driving Attorney Explains Driving Too Fast for Conditions

by Joseph Hicks
Virginia Traffic Attorney, Joseph

If you got charged for reckless driving in Virginia because you were “driving too fast for conditions,” you may question what that even means. You may have other questions, too. Our Virginia reckless driving defense attorneys answer common questions about this offense.

What is driving too fast for conditions?

Virginia has a long list of reckless driving offenses. One is driving too fast for conditions. That means that the driver was traveling at a speed greater than what was reasonable under the current road and weather conditions.

What conditions warrant slowing down?

Drivers may find themselves charged with reckless driving:

  • When roadways are wet with rain, snow, or ice;
  • When visibility is reduced because of fog;
  • When road surfaces are uneven;
  • At curves;
  • On gravel roads; and
  • In heavy traffic.

How could you avoid getting pulled over for this offense?

There are a few things you can do to keep from being pulled over for this offense:

  • Slow down in bad weather conditions.
  • Enter a curve slowly.
  • Slow down when traffic is heavy.
  • Slow down when driving on a road that is poorly maintained.

This seems so subjective. Is it?

Many people think so. Often, people are charged with this offense after they have an accident. If a driver skids or slides on a wet or icy roadway, the police officer who investigates the crash may cite the driver. The police officer (perhaps grumpy about having to get out in bad weather to assist the motorist) will rationalize the charge by thinking that a reasonable person would have realized he needed to slow down. The problem with this thinking, of course, is that few people know what a “safe” speed is under various conditions. How is a person supposed to know that going 35 is “safe” but that going 38 is unsafe?

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