Virginia Reckless Driving Charges Worth Six Demerits

Virginia Traffic Attorney

The Virginia DMV operates on a point system to reward good driving and punish bad driving. You can receive demerit points if you are caught breaking traffic laws, but you can also earn safe driving points. You earn one safe driving point each full calendar year that you do not have any violations or suspensions. You're allowed to accumulate up to five safe driving points and those can cancel out some demerit points if you do eventually get written up for a violation.

Violations either result in three, four, or six demerit points. According to the Virginia DMV, here are the reckless driving offenses that will put six demerits on your driving record, including how long the conviction will stay on your DMV record:

  • Reckless driving - speeding in excess of 80 mph (11 years)
  • Reckless driving - speeding 20 mph or more above the posted speed limit (11 years)
  • Reckless driving - racing (11 years)
  • Reckless driving - passing or overtaking an emergency vehicle (11 years)
  • Reckless driving - passing a school bus (11 years)
  • Reckless driving - passing on the crest of a hill (11 years)
  • Reckless driving - passing at a railroad crossing (11 years)
  • Reckless driving - passing two vehicles abreast (11 years)
  • Reckless driving - driving two vehicles abreast (11 years)
  • Reckless driving - driving too fast for conditions (11 years)
  • Reckless driving - failing to give a proper signal (11 years)
  • Reckless driving - faulty brakes/improper control (11 years)
  • Reckless driving - on parking lots, etc. (11 years)
  • Reckless driving - with an obstructed view (11 years)
  • Reckless driving - generally (11 years)
  • Speeding 20 mph or more above the posted speed limit (5 years)

As you can see, reckless driving in Virginia is not taken lightly. Reckless driving offenses result in the same amount of demerit points as convictions that are sometimes perceived to be more "serious," like manslaughter, driving under the influence, driving after being declared a habitual offender, and failing to stop at the scene of a crash. If you accumulate too many demerit points, you can lose your license.

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