Choose a Virginia Reckless Driving Attorney Who Can Help

Virginia reckless driving and other serious traffic offenses can be devastating. All Virginia reckless driving convictions are considered criminal offenses. Not only do you stand to pay stiff penalties, you can even lose your license or serve jail time.

While you are probably fine handling a simple traffic ticket on your own, when it comes to more serious offenses, your best bet is to get help from an attorney. But how do you know whether the attorney you choose is going to represent you successfully?

Here are some very helpful guidelines to follow when finding and choosing a Virginia traffic offense lawyer:

  • Look Around. Search the Internet, telephone listings and other sources to locate attorneys in your area.
  • Get Referrals. Friends, co-workers and family members can often recommend an attorney who has a good reputation. If you have an attorney you use for other needs, ask him or her to refer someone.
  • Experience Counts. Be sure to find someone who has experience with traffic offenses. This experience should include a good working relationship with the local court and prosecution, as many cases end up being settled out of court.
  • Courtroom Skills Are a Must. Your attorney should be willing and able to go to court with an aggressive and well-planned defense.
  • Arrange a Meeting. When you have found a lawyer you think might suit your needs, make an appointment to meet in his or her office. While you are there, notice how the staff treats you, if the office seems to be professional and how comfortable you are with the attorney. Do you feel comfortable? Are your questions answered in a way that you can understand?
  • Find Out How You Will Be Billed. Not all attorneys have the same billing procedures. Be sure to request a retainer agreement – and be very sure you understand it.
  • Go Local. Whether you live in the area or live out of state and were cited in Virginia, you are better off getting representation in the area where you were arrested. Local legal specialists know their communities and courts.

If you follow these steps and really check out your prospective lawyer, you will most likely find someone who will be able to help you.

Virginia traffic offense cases require a great deal of research, time and effort. Without good legal representation, you could be facing serious consequences that just might ruin your life – so choose well.

“Jeh” Hicks of Jarrell, Hicks & Waldman, PC has all the qualities you need in a legal defense. He knows Virginia traffic law, is a tough courtroom defender, is familiar with Virginia courtrooms and prosecution, and will build a solid wall of defense around you and your arrest.

Call Jeh Hicks today toll free at 888-783-9701 and request a meeting to see what he can do for you. He has ten very successful years of experience representing Virginia reckless driving and serious traffic offenses and would like to bring this same success to your case.