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During a divorce, one party may be eligible to receive spousal support (which is known as alimony in many other states) from the other. Determination of spousal support is based on a variety of factors, including the length of the marriage, whether one party was the primary income provider for the family, and the ability of a spouse to support him or herself after the divorce is final.

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Understanding Spousal Support Decisions

In Virginia, spousal support decisions may be made by both the Circuit Court in a divorce proceeding or as a petition separate from a divorce in the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court. The Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court may get involved if a couple has no basis for filing for divorce under Virginia law or if all other separation matters have been resolved except for the determination of alimony. When handled in Juvenile and Domestic Relations courts, spousal support is often determined using a math formula that takes into consideration each party's income. The circuit court is not encouraged to use a mathematical formula but considers a wide variety of factors and facts in trying to determine a fair and equitable spousal support ruling, including a spouse's ability to demonstrate need.

As Fredericksburg spousal support attorneys, we work closely with our clients to help them determine the best option for their specific case. We tailor our arguments regarding spousal support determination to increase our clients' chances of success in either court.

Modification and Enforcement of Spousal Support

If someone has been ordered to pay spousal support, it may be necessary to enforce or modify that order at a later date. For instance, the loss of a job may require decreasing a spousal support payment. Or, legal action may be necessary if someone is not making payments. Our attorneys have experience in handling both the modification and enforcement of spousal support orders and can help you assert your interests in the matter.

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