Fredericksburg Divorce Modification Lawyers

Virginia Child Custody Enforcement Attorney

Even after a custody order is finalized, you may be forced back into court after a change in circumstances or to see that the order is enforced. At Jarrell, Hicks & Waldman, PC, we represent clients in custody and visitation disputes and can help you with an enforcement proceeding or modification request to protect your rights and your child's best interests. Call 540-642-0489 to arrange a consultation.

Modifications to Custody and Visitation

A modification to a custody or visitation order may be available if there is a major change that affects the child's life, or if a significant change of circumstances makes an original agreement untenable. You may have undergone a job change, relocated or need a new visitation schedule to meet your child's needs. Our legal team will review your case and work to achieve your modification needs.

Divorce Orders and Modifications

  • Custody and visitation modifications can be made if there is a major change that affects the child or one party's ability to care for the child
  • Child support can be modified if there is a financial improvement or if unexpected conditions significantly reduced income
  • Asset and debt decisions made by final order of divorce are rarely, if ever, modified

Enforcement and Modifications to Child Support Orders

Child support enforcement or modification can become necessary if payments are not made or if the paying party is unable to make payments because of a job loss or injury. A significant change of circumstances may require the review of a child support order to make a modification. A payor's failure to make payments may require an enforcement.

We will help you to understand your rights and options in enforcement or modifications, determine if a contempt proceeding is appropriate, and identify the most effective means to obtain a modification. If you are in danger of going to jail for failing to pay child support, we can help you work to obtain the best result and, where appropriate, seek a modification of your support payment.

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