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Virginia Parental Rights Lawyer

In a divorce or in disputes involving unmarried parents, fathers can face significant challenges to protect their custodial and visitation rights. If you are facing divorce or you are the unmarried father of a child, it is important to have a clear understanding of the issues that can affect your custody and visitation rights.

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Virginia Fathers' Rights and Child Custody Law

Virginia law does not have a presumption in favor of a mother over a father in a custody case. Frequently, however, a father has to overcome the societal perception that a mother is the best person to raise a child. If you were the primary caretaker or if there are other reasons, such as drug or alcohol abuse, that you are a better position to be the primary custodian, we will work with you to use these favorable facts to seek custody.

Our lawyers are experienced in cases involving:

  • Fathers' custody rights
  • Visitation
  • Enforcement and modifications
  • Developing parenting time plans
  • Protecting the best interests of the child
  • Child support

Experienced Advocacy in Complex Custody Cases

Our legal team has over 10 years in handling complex custody claims on behalf of our clients. We know that the results of your case will have an immediate and long-term impact on your rights and your children. It is our priority to defend your interests while developing strategic and long-term solutions for your family. While we are skilled in negotiation, we are prepared to take a fathers' rights case to court on your behalf.

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