Divorce for Government Employees in Virginia

Spotsylvania County Lawyers Handling Federal Pension Plan Divorce Cases

When you or your spouse is a government employee, there are special issues you need to consider when dissolving your marriage. These include life insurance and health insurance benefits, and the division of pensions and government retirement savings plans.

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Handling All of the Unique Aspects Associated With Divorce for Government Employees

At Jarrell, Hicks & Waldman, PC, our legal team works with employees at all levels of the government. We take the time to explain the special considerations associated with their position and how they may affect the final divorce decree.

We can handle all unique situations associated with divorce for government employees:

  • We know the unique rules regarding dividing government savings plan during a divorce.
  • We understand the differences in local, state and federal employees' pensions and how those differences apply to forming property division agreements.
  • We help our clients understand the effects of divorce on government insurance benefits for their family.
  • We can identify any child custody and visitation issues associated with government travel, relocation and other unique situations.

If you hire our firm, we will work to understand your unique situation and your obligations. We will be committed to asserting your rights and protecting your interests.

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