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Spotsylvania County Attorneys — Dividing Credit Card Debt and Other Debts

Assets are not all that are distributed equitably during a divorce proceeding. Any debt also needs to be divided between the separating spouses. Whether you have a mortgage, car loan, credit debt, medical bills or other forms of debt, you need to know your obligations and options for paying creditors under Virginia law.

At Jarrell, Hicks & Waldman, PC, we have experience with complex debt division during divorce. We work to develop a plan that protects and secures your financial interests. Call us today at 540-642-0489 to schedule a consultation with one of our Fredericksburg debt division attorneys.

Marital Debt

Legal disputes involving debt can be difficult to resolve. We understand the complex nature of these issues and have the skills and knowledge to resolve them effectively.

Additionally, we are able to handle the delicate situation of separating marital debt and debt considered to be "marital waste" — debt acquired in affairs, for example. Our Fredericksburg attorneys are sensitive to the needs of our clients. We will take into consideration each client's situation and try to find the optimal situation.

Tailoring Debt Division Agreements to Our Clients' Needs

Our family law practice is focused on meeting the specific needs of each client. As family law lawyers, we do this by helping clients consider the effects of their choices in property and debt division agreements. For instance, keeping the family house may be preferable, but if neither party can afford to pay the mortgage after the divorce, the best option may be to sell the house and divide the income. We will sit down with our clients to learn about their financial situation and understand their interests. We will advise them on the various options available to meet their goals and tailor a debt division agreement according to their wishes.

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