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When facing a child custody dispute you may be worried about your future role in your child's life. How will custody decisions be made? Where will the child live? Is your child safe? Who will be financially responsible? If you are entering divorce or facing custody litigation, you want to make sure that your rights are protected.

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Protecting Your Custody Rights in Virginia State Courts

It is important to educate yourself about child custody and visitation issues and the process the Virginia Courts use to determine child custody. Our attorneys will take the time to explain the decision-making process and the laws used by Virginia courts, before you make decisions that will affect your life and the lives of your children.

Our custody attorneys are experienced with disputes involving children, including:

Child Support Proceedings in Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania

Although child support in Virginia is typically set by a statutory formula known as the Virginia Child Support Guidelines, ensuring that you have accurate information to include in the formula is crucial. Does the other parent only work part-time? Are you or the other parent self-employed? Does your child have special medical or educational needs? Do you incur significant expense to exercise your visitation or provide visitation to the other party? Are there daycare expenses?

Each of these questions, depending on the answer, can make the statutory formula difficult to apply or cause a variation in the use of the child support guideline formula. Be sure you have an experienced attorney to help guide you through the maze of child support calculations. Our attorneys have over 10 years of experience in child support and custody disputes.

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