Federal Government Creates Website to End Distracted Driving

Distracted driving has become a serious problem. You can see evidence of this problem every time you get in the car. How often have you seen drivers swerving to stay inside a lane, waiting at a green light, running red lights, or narrowly missing a turn? In many cases, poor driving is caused by a distracted driver. The driver is focused on responding to a text, typing in an address on a navigational system, or trying to hear someone on a bad cell phone connection. Of course, distracted driving can lead to car accidents and even allegations of reckless driving in Virginia.

The United States government is confronting this problem. The United States Department of Transportation has created a website, www.distraction.gov, created to raise awareness about the problem and to provide information for people who want to get facts about this issue. Government officials hope that people will get involved in their communities and help make the roads safer for all Americans.

The website contains facts, statistics, research, information on state laws, and a frequently asked questions section. The website also highlights different ways community members—such as teens, parents, educators, and employers—can get involved in the cause.

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