Virginia’s “No Text on Board Pledge Day”

As a part of AT&T's nationwide "It Can Wait" campaign, a multi-year effort to spread the word about the dangers of texting while driving, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell announced September 19, 2012 to be "No Text on Board Pledge Day" in the state.

The Governor said, "It is important to recognize that in 2012 - so far - young adults ages 18 through 20 accounted for 16% of crashes involving a texting driver in Virginia. A driver that sends a text message not only jeopardizes his or her own safety, but also the safety of passengers, pedestrians and other drivers, and it is fitting to encourage our citizens - especially our youth - to recognize that crashes caused by sending or reading a text message are preventable."

Many juvenile traffic violations we see in our law office involve texting while driving. Texting while driving in Virginia is not just incredibly dangerous - it is illegal. Juvenile drivers are restricted from using any kind of cell phone or communication device while driving unless there is an emergency or the vehicle is lawfully stopped and parked. This can be a tough law for parents to drive home to their teenagers, because in the state, adults (anyone over 18) are allowed to use hand-held cell phones. So many parents are telling their child to not use their phone while driving and to be careful, while at the same time, they are doing just what they are warning against. Even if it's legal in VA for adults to use their cell phones, it would be to their benefit to practice what they preach so they child is more likely to listen and put the phone away.

We are thrilled Governor McDonnell has called attention to this huge issue on the roads of Virginia and we hope that residents are listening.

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