Some Types of “Failure to Yield” Are Worse than Others

There is a large assortment of traffic violations that can lead to a charge of reckless driving in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and “failure to yield” is one of them. Basically, if you merge onto a highway or busy road at high speed and without the necessary precautions (e.g., looking first in your rear-view mirror), you may find yourself pulled over by the police and issued a citation for reckless driving. Of course, you may also find yourself in a serious accident, in which case you'll be issued your citation after you get out of the hospital! A conviction for reckless driving carries some very serious consequences, including the possible suspension of your driver's license and thousands of dollars' worth of fines.

Not all instances of “failure to yield” rise to the level of reckless driving. If a police officer witnesses you driving onto the on ramp of a highway at only five miles per hour over the legal speed limit, he may choose to let you off with a warning. Usually, a reckless driving charge will be leveled only if there is other evidence pointing to your irresponsibility—talking on your cell phone, speeding at 10 or 20 miles over the posted limit, or (worst of all) being arrested on a DUI charge, in which case a reckless driving conviction will be the least of your worries. Basically, the seriousness of the charge is in the eye of the beholder—meaning the arresting police officer.

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