Driving Too Fast for Conditions? You’ll Need an Honest Excuse.

Let's say your wife is nine months pregnant, and she's started to experience contractions in the middle of a raging blizzard. Naturally, you're eager to get to the hospital as quickly as possible, so you jump into the SUV and start weaving in and out of traffic on the highway, going faster than the cars around you. Wouldn't you know it, a police officer waves you to the side of the road and, just as he's preparing to give you a lecture about paying attention to weather conditions, he notices your third-trimester better half. Not only does he cut off his lecture mid-sentence, he pulls out in front of you, activates his siren, and clears a path straight to the delivery room.

This, of course, is an extreme case. But the point is, police officers are not mindless automatons. They know that there may be extenuating reasons for a driver's erratic behavior, and they're often willing to give motorists the benefit of the doubt. However, if you're driving too fast for the prevailing weather conditions, your excuse had better meet a minimum standard for sympathy (and believability). It's unlikely that an officer will be impressed by your need to get to work on time. After all, your employer presumably knows about the blizzard. A good explanation for your behavior can mean the difference between a Virginia citation for reckless driving (which can cost you thousands of dollars in fines and add six points to your driving record) and a less serious ticket.

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