Have You Been Ticketed for Failure to Keep Control of Your Vehicle?

If you're a juvenile driver in Virginia, there are two ways to react to a “failure to keep control of your vehicle” citation. You can put up a major fight, even though all of the objective evidence shows that you were driving carelessly or even negligently (e.g., not applying your brakes in time or swerving off the road when you weren't paying attention) Or, you can take your lumps (after first consulting with an experienced traffic lawyer) and interpret the ticket as a sign that, just maybe, you're not “fully cooked” as a driver and need to get some more practice behind the wheel before venturing out alone or with friends.

It may not be your first thought when you're pulled over by the side of the road, but this is often the outcome the police have in mind when they issue a “failure to keep control” ticket in Virginia. Teenage drivers, especially, often need to have the rules of the road hammered home, and if they're unlikely to listen to their parents, they will definitely heed the warnings of the police.

Of course, this doesn't mean that the police are always right. Every now and then, it can be shown that an accident attributed to “failure to keep control” was actually an accident and was out of the control of the driver (or anyone else, for that matter). Especially in these cases, you need the help of a Virginia traffic attorney who can navigate the state’s traffic courts. Call the law firm of Jarrell, Hicks & Waldman today at 888-783-9701 for a free consultation.

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