In Virginia, a Racing Infraction Can Be in the Eye of the Beholder

We're all familiar with those scenes from classic 1950's “juvenile delinquent” movies, in which two teens in hot rods happen to meet up next to each other at a red light, rev their engines, and race off down the block. While this once may have been considered a harmless way to blow off steam, today “street-racing” is an extremely serious traffic offense, which can be prosecuted as reckless driving in the state of Virginia. If you're convicted of street-racing, you can expect to spend at least a day or two in jail, and you'll face the possible loss of both your driver's license and your vehicle.

In the case of these impromptu “races,” it can often be difficult for the arresting officer to decide if a charge of street-racing is warranted, and he may wind up drawing some unwarranted conclusions (say, that you knew the driver in the next lane, or that you were engaged in a race when in fact you were going the legal speed limit). For this reason, it's much more common for two teenagers to be charged with street-racing, rather than, say, two middle-aged women who both happen to take off as the light turns green; the presumption is that the teens are being irresponsible, while the women simply have somewhere to go.

Even if you feel that the circumstances don't bear out the charge, a prosecution for street-racing is extremely serious and demands expert legal representation. Your lawyer from Jarrell, Hicks & Waldman will present the facts of your case in the best possible light, and may be able to plead down your racing charge to a less serious traffic offense

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