Dennis Quaid and his wife heading for divorce

On behalf of Jarrell, Hicks & Waldman, PC posted in Divorce on Friday, March 16, 2012.

Experts say that March, not January is the most popular month for divorce and on the celebrity front that seems to be the case. Last week it was reported that actor Dennis Quaid's wife of eight years has filed for divorce.

The actor married his wife Kimberly in 2004 and they have four-year-old twins together. Quaid is hopeful that the media will respect their privacy during this time as they both work out a satisfactory settlement. A temporary order has been put in place giving the couple joint custody of the children until a custody arrangement is finalized.

Quaid, 57, was previously married to Meg Ryan and actress P.J. Soles. His wife is seeking spousal support, a share of Quaid's assets and the cost of her lawyer's fees.

Ending a marriage is an emotional and complex process and the help of an experienced family law attorney can help you through it. If you are a father facing divorce there are issues that you need to address including: what are your rights and obligations in dividing the property you obtained during the marriage? Will you have to pay spousal support or child support? Who gets custody of the children?

While the law provides broad guidelines for these issues, there can be special circumstances that only an experienced attorney can help you with. They understand the complexities of a divorce and will help you determine your options. In addition, an attorney will help you resolve any disputes and they will make sure your rights are protected. Their goal is to get you the life you want after the divorce.

Source:, "Quaid's wife files for divorce," Mar. 9, 2012

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